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Creating Space

Space is on everybody´s mind these days. How contagious can space be? What risk am I ready to take in exchange for companionship, closeness, exchange, community, escape from loneliness? What is it worth for you? How isolated are you ready to get out of fear?


Sprinting while I learn to stop

Today I updated my LinkedIn profile to my new adventure after 15 years with the same company listed. With that a long-time dream has been kicked off as founder and CEO of my own company. And with that I am already in the middle of a process where I have no real clue on the exact next steps or where this will lead me.


ThrowbackFriday: Learning in the flood of work

At SAP d-kom 2019, I spoke at a panel on the topic “Learning in the flow of work” – or should I say the “flood” of work. No time before has it been so essential to keep your skills maintained, and keep up with the speed of digitalization, and no time before are we seeing a rapidly increasing number of employees having difficulties getting the balance right without sacrificing health, work-life-balance and even your job. We are overwhelmed by sentences from everywhere on keeping ourselves relevant, on the edge, receiving a flow of invites for on-site events, class-room training, virtual enablement sessions etc. „How do we find the time?“, we ask ourselves daily.


When the mind turns silent

Somehow I am still struggling to put words to what exactly happened – in my mind, in my body and in the beautiful Buddhist monastery – from Friday to Sunday as I did a 3-days silence retreat. Because something did happen, which has had an immediate impact on me. Maybe it was the silence around me and within me. Maybe it was the safe circle embracing me due to the small badge saying “Silence“ on my t-shirt. I was avoided, not spoken to and not expected to participate, influence or answer and that turned out to one of the impacting learnings I took home with me. I experienced a closeness and warmth between the 11 silence participants which I have seldom experienced with anyone, and that although I knew absolutely nothing about any of them except their names.

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