The Right Machine – the right attitude

What do The Right Machine and Tink Tank have in common?

March 2020, when Tink Tank opened its doors for the first time, Thomas founded his company and was one of the first coworkers to find us. You might think that establish a start-up in times of a pandemic is a very hazardous idea. “C’est la vie”, Thomas would say in his nonchalant manner. 

In the meantime we have been able to celebrate the first year of business together and watch The Right Machine grow. Therefore a coworker interview is long overdue!

Tink Tank:  What is your job title? 

Thomas: Managing Director.

Tink Tank: Where do you work?

Thomas: I work at my company The Right Machine GmbH .

Tink Tank: What do you like about your job?

Thomas: I am free to decide in which direction I want to go, I am the only one to blame if something goes wrong.

Thomas (r), with his Team Kannan Ganesan (l) & Vahe Gevorgyan

Tink Tank: What is your day-to-day work like, what are your tasks? 

Thomas: Everything to run a business: Personal management, customer contact, projects clarification, strategy, accounting, software development, video editing, marketing, business travel.

Tink Tank: What are the challenges in your work area?

Thomas: To grow fast enough.

Tink Tank: Has the pandemic had any impact on your work / industry? 

Thomas: Yes the investments in machines manufacturing where stopped during the lockdowns, however, with the high amount of “free” money available on the markets, the companies are right now investing in new equipment like crazy.

Tink Tank: What has your work taught you that is valuable to you today?

Thomas: Flexibility, and I learned to learn and adapt. 

Tink Tank: Do you have a motto: 

Thomas: Try stuff and fail or succeed instead of living in maybes.

Tink Tank: Do you already have experience with coworking?

Thomas: Now over 1 year.

Tink Tank: What do you think is great about working in a coworking space? 

Thomas: It is good to see people from time to time to exchange.

Tink Tank: What do you like about Tink Tank?

Thomas: It is community centered.

Tink Tank: What is the must-have in a coworking space so that you can work well?

Thomas: Electricity and internet.

Thanks Thomas! It we are happy to have you and your team at Tink Tank.