Creating Space

Space is on everybody┬┤s mind these days. How contagious can space be? What risk am I ready to take in exchange for companionship, closeness, exchange, community, escape from loneliness? What is it worth for you? How isolated are you ready to get out of fear?

Space is a funny size. And a very personal one too! Mine is different than yours, and my flexibility to bend my boundaries is probably otherwise shaped than yours. Sometimes we let others invade our personal space, being wanted or not-wanted. When my friend steps too close when she talks to me, event touches me then I decide in a split of a second if I let her or chooses to take a step back. It has to do with her, our relation – even my set of mind that day – whether I let her invade this space, and whether I choose to feel comfortable or not.

Inner space is even more fluffy. You let people in all the time. You choose to spend time with certain people, with others you pull back. You fall in love, you fall out of love. You attract, you leave, you get frustrated, you get happy. Our inner Gremlins being our habits or feelings who take up important space and stop us from doing what we really want to do, or achieving our goals in business or life. Gremlins are the inner voice you hear saying „I will never be able to do this“, „I am not strong enough“, „I could never say that“, „No one loves me“. These voices can have occupied our minds for a very long time, being past disappointments internalizing into procrastination habits. We feel lost, we feel trapped, we feel that we are not free to move, sometimes even that we cannot breath. If our inner space gets limited like this for a longer time, we can even get afraid to even consider what might be possible, how could I think of this otherwise. What might be ways to tune into our dreams and learn how to make them real as soon as we shift our focus.

It can be both scary and powerful to create inner space in your life by confronting these mischievous gremlins inside. It is so comforting to keep doing what you have always done, despite your feeling that you are doing things which is not what you really want. It is hard work to change a system or a thought process. It feels difficult, discomforting, it can even psychically hurt on your body. The question is however:

What happens if you keep living as you do? What life are you facing if you do not start changing the way you think? What story will you be able to tell years ahead looking back on today where the first thought started on – What if I would do it otherwise?

Lone Aggersbjerg, Space Rebel and Erickson Coach through Solution-Focused and Outcome Oriented Coaching. If you are curious on how to use coaching in your space rebellion, reach out on #space-rebels #coaching #lifechangingdecisions #innerspace #lettinggo